What time do you open for bike rentals?

Every GIANT STORE open at 9:00AM.

  • The procedure and explanation for bike rentals take about 30 min.
  • Please return bikes to GIANT STORE by 18:00.
  • Every GIANT STORE (except ONOMICHI) is closed on Tuesdays. You cannot rent and/or return the bike to the store.
  • GIANT STORE ONOMICHI does not have a regular holiday however drop off service from GIANT STORE ONOMICHI to GIANT STORE IMABARI is not available.
  • GIANT STORE ONOMICHI hands over bikes to the customers who stay at ONOMICHI U2 "HOTEL CYCLE". from 18:30 to 19:00 on the day before the reservations. For more details, please free to ask GIANT STORE ONOMICHI.

Is it better to make an advanced reservation?

We recommend that you make a reservation in advance.

  • We begin accepting reservations 2 months in advance.

Can I rent a helmet?

Yes, we rent helmets to the customers for free.

  • No problem to use your own helmets
Rental Helmet

Can I rent cycling shoes and wear?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are not prepared to rent any cycling shoes, wear, and gloves.

  • We recommend that you bring your own outfits or buy them at the store.

What is the difference between a cross bike and a road bike?

Cross Bike

  • user-friendly bike for beginners
  • relatively short distance and slow pace
Cross Bike - Relaxed Position

Road Bike

  • suitable for a person who had an experience to ride sport bikes
  • long distance and high-speed pace
  • head forward posture than a cross bike
Road Bike - Agressive Position

Is there any rental bike for a child?

If height is over 135cm, he or she can ride Kid's bike. If height is over 145cm, he or she can ride a cross bike.

How long does it take from Imabari to Onomichi through Shimanami Kaido?

The distance is about 75km.
It takes 5~6 hours for people who usually ride bikes. There are some uphill roads, so we recommend to take enough breaks. For details, please check the web site (http://www.go-shimanami.jp/global/english/).

Shimanami Kaido